MultiPing Release Notes

Personalized builds with your license key embedded are available in the account system.
If you prefer avoiding the account system, public builds are available on the download page.

MultiPing Version 3.23.0 - November 14, 2022

  • Update a handful of components for better reliability on latest Windows versions.
  • Updated SSL library for better support for connecting to web servers via REST calls.
  • Fixed maintenance version checks to talk to our servers more successfully where previously it couldn't.

MultiPing Version 3.20.2 - December 11, 2015

  • Fixed issue where .wav files were not working with audio alerts on some systems.
  • A handful of other minor tweaks/bug fixes.

MultiPing Version 3.20.1 - December 2, 2015

  • Updates to alerts
    • Now includes a handful of sample alerts that can be used or cloned.
    • Alerts can play MP3 files (and other typical sound formats) in addition to wav file. There's a handy "play" button in the alert to allow testing of the sound, too.
    • Program ships with some of our favorite alert sounds so you don't have to hunt your own down.
    • New alert event type "Add a comment" to the time graph.
    • Email server settings can now be tested in the configuration screen - no need to configure, then switch to an alert to test.
    • Quick-lookups for the most common email server error messages.
    • Fixed a bug where cloning alerts only really worked if you did it one at a time, then saved.
    • A handful of other tweaks / improvements / fixes.
  • Version updates auto-download and launch with a single click (sorry, you have to do this one via a regular download / install, but the next one will be faster!)
  • Some of the popup error messages have been streamlined and made less severe
  • Error reports now properly report Windows 8 and 10 build numbers
  • Good handful of squashed bugs and tweaks.

MultiPing Version 3.11.0 - June 24th, 2015

Changes since 3.10.3:
  • Packet loss bar in the statistics graph is simplified to make it easier to view (text has been removed). Right-click on the upper graph and re-enabled "Show packet loss text on graph" if you liked it the old way better.
  • Removed the "Enter license key..." button from the splash screen if you're licensed.
  • Floating graphs now work more sanely with multiple stacks of floating time graphs - new ones are added up, then left. If there is no room, the last resort location is on the bottom left.
  • Significant performance improvements when sorting the targets. It's reasonable to always sort now.
  • Fixed some unicode issues when converting from version 3.0.
  • MultiPing auto-pauses when your computer sleeps, and auto-resumes when it wakes back up. A comment is added to the time graphs to show where this happened.
  • Handful of other stability, performance and usability improvements.

MultiPing Version 3.10.3 - March 24th, 2015

Changes since 3.10.0:
  • Fixed access violation in Windows XP when adding an address range
  • Fixed error in email alerts when STARTTLS is turned off and no username / password specified
  • Minor tweak to REST calls to work better with Hipchat and Slack
  • Fixed UTF-8 encoding conversion issue, including problems with high-ANSI characters in MultiPing.ini, Alerts.Ini and Workspaces
  • Fixed bug when running from a USB drive
  • Tweaked HTML emails to have alternating colors on rows

MultiPing Version 3.10.0 - March 11th, 2015

Changes since 3.01.0:
  • Stole UI improvements from upcoming PingPlotter 4 release
    • New graphics
    • Friendlier colors
    • New alert and timegraph icons
    • Minor tweaks to upper graph legend
  • HTML formatted alert emails. Send text, HTML, or combo alert emails; all of it is editable
  • Unicode support so non-English characters can be used in comments, target names, and elsewhere
  • Alert subnet masks now use industry standard ip/mask format (examples: or to associate a specific alert with only appropriate targets.
  • Prettier, more informative (awesome), welcome screens. Goes away automatically, or if you click anything else. If you never want to see it, turn it off in options and please let us know why.
  • Upper target graph blinking doesn't happen. Especially when sorting on a dynamic column like average or packet loss %
  • Updated to latest compiler and component versions
  • Progress dialogue when loading target list from file
  • Rebranded from Nessoft to Pingman Tools

MultiPing Version 3.01.0 - September 17th, 2014

Changes since 3.00.2:
  • New "Search" menu allows searching for a target by name or IP address.
  • Web-based REST alert events.
  • Target count now shows up on the status bar.
  • Right-clicking a time graph has option to attach / edit alerts.
  • Fixed bug that would cause error from File -> Add Target if the targets panel was hidden.
  • Fixed problem where alert menu was disabled in some cases late in a trial period.

MultiPing Version 3.00.2 - August 25th, 2014

Changes since 3.00.1:
  • Fixed an issue where time graphs would get behind if the ping rate (Ping Interval + # of targets) exceeded a machine's ability to ping.
  • Fixed a memory growth problem that would occur when ping rate exceeded the ability to ping.
  • Fixed the "Settings not saved" error that would occur when picking a new auto-save workspace interval from the drop down menu.
  • Fixed the "Maintenance expired/expiring" message that would sometimes not get updated when installing a license-embedded version of the program.
  • Fixed the access violation that would occasionally happen on startup if there was a corrupted license key present.
  • Fixed a problem where some unicode characters in the install filename would cause a launch error on the installer.
  • Fixed the access violation that would happen on shutdown if the targets/history panel was closed while docked.
  • Updated "Launch an executable" alert event so testing uses variables.
  • History bar size and location are now better remembered on close/reopen of program.
  • Fixed the resize cursor on targets/history to match the divider a bit more closely.
  • Fixed the default width on targets/history bar.
  • Fixed the ping interval drop-down to properly use regional decimal point settings.

MultiPing Version 3.00.1 - August 5th, 2014

Changes since 3.00.0:
  • Fixed an access violation that would happen erratically when new pings arrived.
  • Fixed "Maintenance expired" message that would sometimes show up, even when your maintenance was not expired.

MultiPing Version 3.00.0 - August 1st, 2014

Changes since 2.20.1:
  • Supports pinging IPv6 targets.
    • By default, will use Windows lookup stack to pick between addresses when a single target supports IPv4 and IPv6.
    • There is an option to prefer IPv6 or IPv4.
    • Prefixing a target name by IPv4: or IPv6: will force a single target to use that protocol.
  • Automatically follow dynamic DNS targets.
    • This uses the alert system - set up an alert with the new method, then attach to your dynamic targets.
    • Once installed, see the manual for more details (via the Help menu).
  • Add range of IPs. (File -> Add address range...) Address drop down has list of local gateways on Vista or newer.
  • Installer now checks to make sure MultiPing will work correctly with license before installing.
  • Fixed a missing float-over hints on time graph where "no data" was not displayed correctly.
  • Replaced all "spin" editors with drop down lists with more helpful options.
  • Updates to licensing system, including the ability to get license count and status from the license server.
  • License counts and status persist better when a machine is not network connected.
  • Updated help file.
  • Added welcome "Splash" screen.
  • Alert names can use variables (i.e.: $dest). This is primarily useful for tray icon alerts that show the alert name as part of the tray popup.
  • Updated in-program graphics.
  • Removed "Skip" buttons from error submission report that would allow an error to be submitted or questions asked with no text.
  • Minor shutdown memory leaks cleaned up.
  • Added a drop-down "split" menu on the start/stop button for more obvious access to the Reset / Restart command.
  • Added DEL and INS shortcut key links to graph right-click menu.
  • Performance improvements when loading a workspace with a lot of targets (1000). Resizing is also much faster.
  • Changed scroll wheel behavior on upper graph - it now just scrolls the grid instead of moving the focus.
  • Replaced docking system (similar functionality, but works/looks better on W7/8)
  • Improved error messages for packets that expired in transit (they show above the top graph) - now shows target and reached address.
  • Fixed shutdown error where read-only .ini file could cause lockup and memory growth.
  • Increased maximum outstanding samples from 45 to 80.

MultiPing Version 2.20.1 - February 25th, 2014

Changes since 2.10.2:

Note: We've dropped support for Windows 2000 and Windows 98 in this build. If you're using those operating systems, download the 2.10.2 release (from 2010).

  • Packet loss column will auto-scale digits of accuracy based on available space (auto-scales from 99 to 99.999).
  • Can now run from a USB key.
  • Changed sort order of timeouts and lost packets in Min, Max, Avg to sort bad after good (if sorting good on top).
  • Lots of time graph targets would sort too often, slowing things down.
  • Packet loss column is now painted in red.
  • Fixed issue where alert emails would sometimes have too much history.
  • Default packet timeout is 3000ms (3 seconds) instead of 9999ms
  • Several minor alert email tweaks/fixes (timeout delay, error, STARTTLS improvement, etc).
  • Added right-click menu option to alert configuration to allow cloning (or deleting) an alert.
  • Log to file alert now creates more than one level of depth in the directory structure.
  • Fixed a problem that would error when starting MultiPing on some computers.
  • License key with transposed characters would sometimes be allowed, then blocked shortly after.
  • Updated installer to install per-machine instead of per-user when possible.
  • Updated installer to default to remove all traces of MultiPing on uninstall (vs leaving license key and some configuration files). To uninstall and leave in place, use the "Modify" option from add/remove programs.
  • When duplicate targets exist in a text file that is being imported, show only one error with the list rather than requiring confirmation on each duplicate.
  • Blank lines in MultiPing target list would cause errors when loading.

MultiPing Version 2.10.2 - May 24th, 2010

This is primarily a bug fix, and is a free upgrade for all MultiPing 1.x or 2.x licensees.

Changes since 2.10.1:
  • Fixed email alerts to be able to use GMail for SMTP again (Gmail slightly changed STARTTLS support, and MultiPing stopped working).
  • Fixed problem where sometimes an alert email might have all history since last alert fired - even if that was days or weeks ago.
  • Improved config load/save time. With some virus scanners, the shutdown save would sometimes be slow.
  • Fixed a problem where removing an alert from a target wouldn't be remembered after close/restart.
  • Fixed a problem where some settings / changes might not be saved on shutdown in some scenarios.

MultiPing Version 2.10.1 - March 16th, 2010

Changes since 2.10.0:
  • Alert email password was not being saved on some computers.
  • When targets were being sorted, resetting the "Focus" back to current after looking at a period in the past would not always correctly reset the upper graph focus.
  • Sorting by Min/Max and Avg columns now sorts timed out targets as high latency rather than low latency.

MultiPing Version 2.10.0 - February 13th, 2010

Changes since 2.00.1:
  • Settings and collected data are now saved in the user profile if the install directory is not writeable.
  • Compatible with Vista and Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit (fixed DEP problems, other issues).
  • Ships with StartTLS email support (can now send email via gmail account using SMTP).
  • Time graph heights are now saved / restored.
  • New MSI-based installer (old version is uninstalled first, if you have it installed). The install and MultiPing.exe are now code-signed as well, if you ever have reason to question their integrity.
  • Time graph updates are faster - other performance improvements have been made.
  • Added gridlines to time graph for latency.
  • Can now display min and max latencies in the time graph, in case pixel averaging is hiding some details.
  • Some enhancements to alert events, including better "Launch an Executable" capabilities.
  • Tray icon shows the current workspace name, if a workspace is in use (to help differentiate between multiple instances of MultiPing).
  • Fixed a problem where MultiPing would sometimes crash when loaded (on just a few computers) due to problems with the integrity checking logic.
  • Added balloon callout instead of error message if no target name was entered, or if the entered target is already being monitored.
  • New alert option to not show the alert indicator on the main graph (for logging alerts that always log).
  • Time graphs now show the unit of measure for latency (milliseconds) and packet loss (%), along with a bit better labels.
  • Email alerts "Maximum email frequency" no longer "queues up" alert emails, instead it stops checking if you've gotten an alert recently - that keeps alert emails more timely/current if a problem stops happening during the "Maximum email frequency" period.
  • Added a "Email Nessoft Support..." option under the Help menu.
  • Fixed a problem when saving and reloading history when there were more than 255 targets being monitored.
  • Fixed a problem with an occasional "Out of resources" error when the tray icon was being hidden/shown.
  • More ... tweaks, fixes, etc.

MultiPing Version 2.00.1 - November 29th, 2006

Version 2.00.1 of MultiPing is primarily a bug fix.

Changes since 2.00.0:

  • Fixed occasional error: "Cannot create shell notification icon" at boot if MultiPing was in startup group.
  • Workspace collected data is now saved to a temporary file first, then renamed (this ensures a file is fully saved before the old file is overwritten).
  • If collected data was partially saved on shutdown (or file was corrupted), a "Catastrophic Failure" error would show and there was no way to fix it without manually deleting the file.
  • If time graph was narrow, the time scale would overwrite the target name. Now, the target name wins to make it easier to read.
  • If MultiPing was minimized or maximized and then closed, the normal window size wasn't saved.
  • If the network was down when loading a workspace, the re-resolving of DNS names would cause the startup process to fail. Now, the previously resolved IPs are used and pinging begins - even if the network is down.
  • Updates to the help file to support context sensitive help popups on Vista.
  • Minor fixes to exception handling (now includes a bit more information, better stack information).
  • Rare Access Violation on shutdown corrected.

MultiPing Version 2.00.0 - August 10th, 2006

New Features:
  • Collected data is now saved with your workspaces. Closing and restarting MultiPing no longer loses all history.
  • Time graphs can now be sorted to match the target list graph (right-click on the time graphs and use the "Sort to match target list" menu option).
  • New option to prompt or minimize to tray instead of closing if "X" button is hit.
  • Hops that have alerts firing on them have a red "exclamation point" indicator, plus a float-over hint showing which alerts are firing.
  • Customizable alert email messages (better for pagers and mobile phone alerts).
  • Mouse wheel scroll wheel scrolls the time graphs forward / backward. CTRL-mouse wheel zooms the time graphs.
  • Sort column and order is now saved / reloaded in workspace.
  • Can now rename a target in the list by right-clicking and "Rename selected target".
  • Expanded help file now in HTML help format.
  • New Options Dialog.
  • Improve time graph area resize logic. Your current size is also saved in the workspace.
  • Entering a time in "Samples to include" auto-calculates the number of samples that would make that happen.
Other changes:
  • Column headers in grid now use current system theme (on OSes with theme support - i.e., Windows XP)
  • Date / times on summary graph now use time format from computer, rather than forcing am/pm style times.
  • Now uses TrueType font on main trace graph - text is easier to read, especially when using large fonts.
  • Show a "reason" message if address is already being pinged and you attempt to add it again (rather than doing nothing).
  • Resizing columns in the graph has better indicator - more clean and natural now.
  • New "Customize View" menu option to turn on/off columns in grid.
  • Saving or loading a workspace updates the caption with the workspace name - this differentiates between multiple running instances.
  • New focus indicator on time graphs is easier to see / understand.
  • Error logs are now limited in size.
  • ms (milliseconds) indicator now shown on legend (rather than unlabeled numbers).
  • Updated taskbar behavior: Move, Size, Tile, Cascade now work.
  • Non-standard Alt-tab managers now work better.
  • New exception (error) handling system.
  • Target names are re-resolved when you load workspaces with history.
  • With more than 255 targets, performance is now MUCH better than previously, especially with any time graphs displayed.

MultiPing Version 1.01.2 - July 6th, 2004

Version 1.01.2 is primarily a bug fix.

Bugs Fixed:
  • If the computer was running for over 25 days since the last reboot, using the scrollbar in the timegraph area would freeze MultiPing requiring a forcible termination. Fixed.
  • Fixed the erratic behavior resizing the graphs in the timegraph area using the invisible splitter directly above the lowest graph.
  • The right-clickable area for a time-graph was artificially reduced even if a timegraph was not floating. Fixed.

MultiPing Version 1.01.1 - June 17th, 2004

Version 1.01 is primarily a bug fix.

Bugs Fixed:
  • Email alert subject line including $HOST filled in -- NO HOST -- always instead of the alerting target. Fixed.
  • PingPlotter integration would only work if PingPlotter was installed before MultiPing was launched. PingPlotter can now be installed anytime and right-click menu in MultiPing will allow exporting data to PingPlotter.

Other changes:

  • Error messages now show a lot more details that can be used in our troubleshooting efforts. Also, support emails can be created right from the error dialog.

MultiPing Version 1.01 - March 8th, 2004

Version 1.01 is primarily a bug fix.

New Features:
  • Enhanced support for emailing alert messages. MultiPing now supports non-standard SMTP server ports and SMTP servers that require username / password login.
  • Any unexpected packet errors (for example, removal of all network cards, or TTL expired messages) now show the error message above the graph in the main window.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Packets that expired in transit wouldn't report correctly. Now these appear as lost packets and a message is displayed.
  • The alert setup dialog would sometimes lose events when switching between alerts. Also, settings would sometimes be overwritten with default settings.
  • Associating more than one alert to a target would lose all associations to that target.
  • Alert emails included samples from *all* targets, not just the one that caused the alert to fire.
  • "Log to file" alert event would only allow US characters in the filename. Many non-US characters are now allowed.
  • An error message would sometimes occur when a dialog was very close to the desktop border and a popup hint appeared near that border.
  • Width of user interface didn't load correctly when closing / reopening MultiPing.
  • When adding a new target, the wrong time graph would sometimes flash.
  • Packet Loss graph scale wasn't remembered correctly between sessions.
  • Time period for time graphs would sometimes reload as 0 seconds, instead of default or previous settings.
  • Reset / Restart (right-click Start/Stop button) didn't always clear history data for hosts added mid-session.

MultiPing Version 1.00 - December 20th, 2003