June 6th, 2014 - MultiPing v3 Beta is now available!

We're exited to announce that we're making the MultiPing v3 beta available to our currently licensed user base! You'll need a license key to run this version (which you can always retrieve via our account page).

Click here to download the beta version of MultiPing

We've been collecting and implementing some important features and changes that you've been asking for. Due to the input we've received, this new version of MultiPing:

  • Now supports pinging IPv6 targets.
    • By default, will use Windows lookup stack to pick between addresses when a single target supports IPv4 and IPv6.
    • Can change to prefer IPv6 or IPv4, or use IPv6 or IPv4 only.
    • Prefixing a target name by IPv4: or IPv6: will force a single target to use that protocol.
  • Supports automatically following dynamic DNS targets.
    • This uses the alert system - set up an alert with the new method, then attach to your dynamic targets.
    • Once installed, see the manual for more details (via the Help menu).
  • Has a new feature to add a range of IPs (File -> Add address range...) Address drop down has list of local gateways on Vista or newer.

A few of the other things we've changed/fixed since the 2.20 builds:

  • Fixed a missing float-over hints on time graph where "no data" was not displayed correctly.
  • Minor updates to licensing system.
  • Updated help file.
  • Alert names can use variables (i.e.: $dest). This is primarily useful for tray icon alerts that show the alert name as part of the tray popup.
  • Removed "Skip" buttons from error submission report that would allow an error to be submitted or question asked with no text.
  • Minor shutdown memory leaks cleaned up.
  • Added DEL and INS shortcut key links to graph right-click menu.
  • Performance improvements when loading a workspace with a lot of targets (1000). Resizing is also much faster.
  • Changed scroll wheel behavior on upper graph - it now just scrolls the grid instead of moving the focus.
  • Improved error messages for packets that expired in transit (they show above the top graph) - now shows target and reached address.
  • Increased maximum outstanding samples from 45 to 80.
We're shooting for an official release of MultiPing v3 later this year. This will end up being a paid upgrade for existing users (who are outside of their first year of purchase). We're still working on finalizing the details, but we're making sure that you are happy and well cared for.

If you run across any bugs, have any issues that we can help with - or if you have any ideas for features you'd like to shoot our way - be sure to get in touch with us! The easiest method is usually to send in a support ticket from MultiPing ("Help" -> "Email Pingman Tools Support"), or you can always email us at beta@multiping.com!