What's New in Version 3.2?

New alert capabilities

Rock out to Black Sabbath (or any MP3) or auto-comment on timelines when alerts fire.

Better error messaging

If you run into an error, you'll be met with a more useful error message. Common messages even link to the appropriate Knowledge Base article.

Easier alert setup

A handful of example alerts are now included for you to copy, use, or modify to your desire. Testing buttons for email and sounds are also strategically placed where you'll need them most.

Improved update efficiency

Download and launch new version updates with a single click - fewer clicks between you and "the goods" starting with the next release!

Version 3.2 - Released December 2, 2015 - View release notes

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Active maintenance - Free

New licenses include one year of maintenance. If a purchase was made within the year, the latest version is free.

Expired maintenance - $19.99

If maintenance is expired, purchasing an upgrade grants access to the latest version and renews maintenance for a year.

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